from santa cruz to louisiana in a 67 1600/02 and a 76 912e

meet the automobiles:

basil; the yellow 1976 porsche 912e (only 2099 of these were ever made) has been off the road for 4 years. most likely abandoned due to NO smog equipment and inabilty to pass smog in CA. it is on it's way to Nebraska where my mother will title it. for the trip it has had the fuel tank drained and cleaned, all fuel lines and filters replaced, new points and plugs. after trying to work w/ that aging fuel injection ssytem, we opted for simplicity; weber carb conversion. car now drives and feels nearly new.

meet franky, the 1967 bmw 1600 w. 2002 engine

was found w/o clutch. now has NEW clutch! next stop is Motorspeed West for it's clear bill of health report for the journey. will get the tranny and motor mounts checked so that fan quits attempting to suicide into that new 320i radiator.

trade marked coca cola radiator overflow

the 912e w/ it's brand new dual webers. the aging FI system was saved in a box for the archives