some pics of happenings here in spring of 04

we all went to the San Jose flea market. this is one of kami's favorite places and she planned well in advance to wear her cowgirl hat so she could ride the ponies. it's kind of like a short trip to Mexico without the margaritas or beaches but with the cheap crap.

my latest project finally rolls out of the garage. this is our camping trailer. first trip is up to napa in just over a week.

grandpa schuster came for his monthly visit. he was a lot happier than he appears in this pic

baby ford is a walking machine

it was near 90 degrees April 24th. we had a fun day in the yard and a great cook out.

kami starts kindergarten this September. she may not know how to tie her shoes, but she'll surely be the only kid that knows how to change the oil in a porsche 944!

and this is my other project, it's the 911b

b is for bastard. it just received a high powered euro 3.0 carrera engine and many other parts have been replaced with lightweight components. I'm hoping to get it out on the track this summer.

kami and ford enjoyed the lightweight seats before I got them installed