garner state park, october 2006

lots of hiking, climbing, spelunking, paddling and soaking

the drive was just a bit over 3 hrs. we arrived at sunset.

next morning we hiked to crystal cave

the kids really did great

arrived at crystal cave

kat was looking at the crystals and then she noticed the ceiling was looking back, a bat!

time for kayaking

this tree had a bunch of turkey buzzards

a giant cypress

my mermaid

frustrated by the lack of progress on our river pool at the new house

we constructed our own river pool

ford laying in his nest

taking in some rocket fuel back at the base

the next morning we took off for white rock cave

we still had some energy and time before lunch so we took off to painted rock

this hike involved some real climing on rocks, all fours were required

climbed up,

and up, up.... that little bit of river down there is where we'd started this hike/climb

finally arriving at the top

instead of going back down that way we took the long hike across a canyon wall back to crystal cave.

ford had been talking about crystal cave non-stop. this was taken looking out from the cave.

after all the hiking we took it easy by soaking in the crystal clear spring fed waters of the rio frio

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