the 1972 tii engine is being removed from a RUSTY donor

philip and kevin

phil jumped out from under the car claiming he saw a black widow. we were skeptical and had a good laugh. he went back under and a few minutes later produced a wrench w/ big black widow perched at the far end. kevin played w/ it on the asphalt and finally stomped it to a sticky spot of goo.

many of the bolts were too rusty or easily stripped. so we applied a grinder when the mood struck us.

this is not a recommended method of lifting. there was no safety engineer present to protect us from ourselves.

some of the rust, notice where the rocker panel had once been.

how farm boys pull an engine. I'm sure my grandfather would have done it the same way

it took some violent persuasion to get it out like this. but since the body was in such a sad shape it yielded to blows from the hammer and the pry bar

catch of the day! we have paperwork on this engine and it had a recent rebuild before the car was parked. the injector pump was rebuilt by korman etc. we are hopeful it won't take much to get it back to life.

obligatory in the engine bay pic, kevin declined to participate


it was hot and we soon rewarded ourselves w/ beer and mexican food.

a big thanks to kevin and his family