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I figured I should include some sort of explanation for the existence of this web site. Well maybe I don't have so much as an explanation but maybe a word as to why I chose the images I have.

I am not a photojournalist but am more interested in the fine art area of photography. This explains my fondness for infrared film that renders images from a light not visible by the naked eye. A world that is slightly different than the one we live in every day. I also love the long exposure and slow sync flash. These techniques show motion and capture the moment in a way that corresponds with my memory; I often use this technique in bars, at weddings and festivals. I often remember these events as being fuzzy, it comforts me to see the resulting images agreeing with me. My uncle Bob is convinced that these pictures are the result of equipment failure, "this sometimes happens at the end of the roll", he was explaining to me. I tried to convince him that I had done it intentionally.

The images seem to be shifting towards a family album site. This is the result of me now being a stay-home dad. The resulting photographic material is a reflection of my geographical placement to subject matter. My daughter Kamille makes a great subject and is always near. Most other time out of the house is spent hunting and gathering, (going to Costco, Home Depot, Trader Joe's etc.), or family activities. Kami is now 4 y.o. and we spend a lot of our time at the beach or pool and other santa cruz locations. her brother ford is walking and creating a wake of destruction.

Future Projects: I have made the leap into large format! Mostly the largeness of it so far has been in the large cost of equipment acquisition. I am starting on a series of diptychs. I am working with the idea of a possible gallery exhibit in mind. An attempt at a series of images that have a cohesive nature. (see below for example of a diptych)

My lovely wife, Kat, is working in silicon valley as a patent attorney.


thanks for visiting,

paul schuster

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